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At Bioplastech Ltd. we specialise in the development, scale-up and sale of innovative bio-based products including biodegradable polymers.


Bioplastech also provides industrial biotechnological consulting services supporting customers in the development, improvement and scale-up of their biological processes.


Bioplastech Ltd.

We see biotechnology as a key pillar of innovation that will transform our society from a linear to a circular and biobased economy.

We use our expertise in fermentation, biocatalysis, protein engineering, metabolic engineering and downstream processing to develop, patent and license products such as biobased chemicals and/or biodegradable polymers.

At Bioplastech we have developed processes that use residues/wastes as starting materials for biodegradable polymers and plastics production. The conversion of residues to biodegradable materials contributes to the circular (bio)economy.

We value partnership and work closely with our customers to develop and deliver high quality services and products.

We develop and provide innovative biotechnology-based products and services.

Our team

The R&D Team led
by Prof. O’Connor

Professor Kevin O’Connor

Bioplastech’s team is made-up of highly skilled biotechnologists and engineers with lab, pilot and industry scale expertise.

Bioplastech’s team is led by Professor Kevin O’Connor, an award-winning international leader in the area of fermentation and biocatalysis.

He has over 25 years of experience in bioeconomy, circular economy leading both publicly and privately funded projects at National and European level worth over €30M.

Kevin O’Connor’s is the author of over 100 scientific publications and patents.

He also holds strategic leadership positions such as, Director of BiOrbic SFI bioeconomy research centre, chairperson of the scientific committee for the €4 billion public/private European partnership Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking and a member of the EC Missions in Horizon Europe Board on adaptation to climate change including societal transformation



Plastics constantly pervade society with over 300 million tonnes of plastic produced annually, but additionally plastics cause pollution which is a major concern for us all.

Biodegradable plastics open up new end-of-life options such as composting and anaerobic digestion; thus, can produce valuable products reducing plastic pollution.

Production of biopolymers

At Bioplastech we use biotechnology to produce biobased compostable polymers (PHAs) and monomers, such as lactic acid, which is used to make the compostable plastic PLA.

We have developed and patented high-productivity processes and applications using medium-chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). PHA is an umbrella name for a wide range of polymers that have a broad range of properties. A PHA polymer can be hard and highly crystalline (PHB), soft and rubber-like (mclPHA) or liquid and amorphous (mclPHA).

Biopolymer applications

We have developed patented adhesive and biosurfactant applications based on PHAs.

Our Scientific Consultancy / Advisory


Process development service

We work with our clients to develop customised biotechnological processes for optimal performance of the production microorganism.

Fermentation development - Batch and fed-batch fermentation

We develop reliable reproducible technologies that allow stable output of biopolymer or biobased chemical production by microorganisms. We define, evolve and realize processes at lab and pilot scale with high product titre and high volumetric productivity.

Downstream process development

We address the challenge of harvesting intracellular and extracellular products from complex aqueous fermentation media to improve product yield and purity.

Metabolic engineering

We apply our understanding of microbial metabolic pathways to improve microbial growth and product yield.

Biocatalysis and protein engineering

We develop enzyme-based and cell-based processes to produce value added chemicals. We use random and rational approaches to engineer enzymes to improve their catalytic efficiency.

Industrial scale-up - basic engineering

We help our clients to scale their technology, develop a mass balance and design a basic engineering for their process optimization.


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